1. A term used to define a poster who attempts to make their post sound intelligent, but has no real clue what they are defining.

2. Someone incapable of using the spell check function prior to posting.

3. Someone who manufactures words to facilitate the needs of their fragile, little mind.

See also Ponce
See previous posts for Excellent examples.
by doublebass694 September 27, 2004
The act of saying or doing something silly but funny. Typically used in Washington D.C.
Did you hear what Joe said last night at the party? He's so stupid.
by Chris March 07, 2005
a person who is easily amused
person a: " ohmygosh, why does that sign say "dinner" if we're eating lunch?"
person b: " it says "diner", you're so stupid...i mean, easily amused" *pats on head*
by peaches and cream, May 12, 2007
people (simple enough)
peole are stupid (simple enough)
by poop-on-a-stoop December 19, 2006
A word you can use to call somebody uncool or a loser.
Not cool
You're so stupid.
That joke was so stupid.
by uno531 July 10, 2008
a woman with a very large breastages or a man with a very long submarine
Wow she is really stupid!!!
He is the stupidest person I've ever seen...this should be fun.
by Natalie April 15, 2005
1)sayin retarted shyt.
2)Gettin High
3)When something is so fire or dope we call it stupid.
2)Kid 1:Aye wut u doin
Kid 2:Shid Nuthin Really im Gittin Stupid.
3)Did u see that car...Man that shyt stupid.
by Kodak a.k.a. Li'l Lou June 11, 2008

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