A word you can use to call somebody uncool or a loser.
Not cool
You're so stupid.
That joke was so stupid.
by uno531 July 10, 2008
a woman with a very large breastages or a man with a very long submarine
Wow she is really stupid!!!
He is the stupidest person I've ever seen...this should be fun.
by Natalie April 15, 2005
1)sayin retarted shyt.
2)Gettin High
3)When something is so fire or dope we call it stupid.
2)Kid 1:Aye wut u doin
Kid 2:Shid Nuthin Really im Gittin Stupid.
3)Did u see that car...Man that shyt stupid.
by Kodak a.k.a. Li'l Lou June 11, 2008
another term for being "high"
are you stupid right now? or Wanna go get stupid?
by howell102 May 30, 2008
funny or hilarious; humorous; silly; a description of someone who said or did something crazy
Girl, you so stupid.
by msdenee December 28, 2005
(verb)To hang out the window of a moving car, preferably standing, so that most of the body is outside of the vehicle. This allows for free expression, such as, verbalizing, clapping, and/or dancing with others who have gone stupid.
At the sideshow, people tend to go stupid.
by Holly Stevenson June 22, 2005
blind faith and trust iin either an idea, a pre-conceived and/or mistaken idea, diverting one's recognition of fact based in reality in lieu of a favorable perspective concerning people, places, things.... ideas and etcetera.
I am stupid. I am stupid, I am stupid, I am stupid, how blind,
by THE REAL JULIA December 04, 2006

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