Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Michael Moore
You get the idea
Do I really need an example? If I do, you are as stupid as Michael Moore.
by MorbidScorpio January 31, 2009
a name for a stupid person
You are soo sooooo so sooooooo sooooo i don't know... stupid. =)
by Alecxander August 20, 2007
1. Adj. Below substandard intelligence.
2. Adj. Description of 2 out of 3 of any person I come into contact with on an average day.
3. Adj. A state of bliss.
1. Self explanatory
2. I run into a lot of really stupid people on a daily basis.
3. I would feel blissful if I myself were stupid because I would not notice how stupid most people are, nor care if there were anyone smarter.
by Angry January 10, 2005
Someone that does not think like you.
Someone that keeps the rules or the law.
Someone that stays in school
Someone that drives safely
Someone with A MBA in Business from Yale
Anyone not a Democrat and Liberal
Someone not Hip and Cool
Everyone you hate
Anyone that is smarter then you
Anyone not your friend
Anyone that will not fuck you
Everyone that will fuck you
George Bush is stupid
That Cop is stupid
The Teacher is stupid
That Bitch is stupid
The Earth needs me to save it, stupid
Heath Care should be free, stupid
Having a good job is stupid
Don't be stupid, I can drive
The guy in front of you
by roadrunrnch July 10, 2008
Knowing better, but doing it anyway.
I know it was stupid to drink that beer that was left
out from the night before, but I was thirsty.
by P Rescue,TSI August 10, 2006
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