Pronounced Stoop

A stupid person
One who is stupid
Some one says something stupid
You "Your sucha stup!"
by Trigga Pankakes April 25, 2011
Top Definition
DUH!! all of those are wrong.
The word STUP is yiddish meaning TO FUCK.
yo' myron look at that shana madel (pretty girl)
boy i'd sure like to STUP that.

myron: stick! (a common responce to STUP)
by Schlemeel-Schlemozzle December 18, 2007
Short for STUPID.
I told my bro, Dawg1998, that i liked to run into oncoming traffic. He said I was STUP.
by AtlPhishMkt February 10, 2004
Short for stupid. To do or say things a douchebag would. To be annoying, bald, and idiotic. Things that are STUP usually causes eyes to roll.
Trevor always says things like "let's get stupid." He is totally STUP.
via giphy
by Krispy2624 August 15, 2016
short term for stupid; often used when someone has said something incredibly stupid
1. "Yeah i handled that bitch last night!"

"Stups! she was sleeping at janets house"

2. "Stups! how you gonna act! saying that dumb shit!"
by the bad seed June 18, 2009
A Stupid Person. Pronounced Stoop Originated In Holmes Middle School.
Nigga You Stup.
by edweezy July 16, 2013
someone who says "totes," watches Harry Potter in IMax, goes to UW, and is double majoring in Drama and English.
"I am totes excited for her Harry Potter IMAX experience with Brian tonight!"
"You are so stup!"
by lilshawty2010 August 13, 2009
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