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Short for stupid, often used with stfu or shup
Stfu stup
by KRSplat August 06, 2003
Nick name for a person that is Stupendously stupid!(Pronounced Stoop)
My name is Stup!
How are you Stup.
by Stupdawg March 30, 2009
can be used by itself to describe a funny but stupid comment, action, or person.
"I was drinking milk and I spilled it all over myself"
by Amon February 24, 2004
Another word for stupid
A much better version and so much more fun
Also seem less offensive as your slightly degrading yourself as well
Omg professor urbandictionary.com is an academic source, your so stups
by Dr. Stewnie September 29, 2010
a typo often made in texting as to refer to sup, now commonly used as what's up, when you are walking by someone in a hallway or the mall
A:(walking in the mall past a hot girl) stup
HG: shove it up your butt, what are you trying to call me?
A: I just said 'stup'
HG: (slaps him)
by spicycupcake13 March 17, 2009
(n.) A word that was created from stuttering the word stupid. Means the same as stupid just as a noun instead of an adjective.
Dakota is such a stup, he can't even pick out an 80's costume.
by Spud Muffin October 14, 2008
Somone stupid enough to think that "Stup" means "shut up".
Fred: Dude, I don't wanna deal with it! STUP!!!
Barney: Fred, you are stup; stup doesn't mean "shut up" you jive stup.
by The Dusseldwarf November 12, 2007