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A shortened version of "Shut Up". When shortened by typo or on purpose turns into "Stup".
If you don't stup I'll ignore you!
by Teh Sansai May 30, 2005
Short for u mad dumb or stupid.
Get out of the house you stup.
by Brianna February 26, 2005
Short hand for "stupid". Often capitalized.
His server was very STUP and stupid.
by Trafton March 08, 2003
abbreviated term for Status Update on FaceBook
Person A: Hey wanna go out tonight?
Person B: Sure
A: Stup it to see if anyone else wants to come hang
by stupping this September 01, 2009
Someone or something thats half stupid.

See stupid.
Man, I think you a stup.
by Cabanaman November 01, 2004