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The state that has everything. Baltimore is real ghetto. The east is the southern part. The west is all mountainy and nice looking. There are suburbs, cities, and country. A kickass state in general, except for the sports. Orioles suck, and everyone wishes they didn't have to use DC as their teams for other sports. The only good team is the Ravens. Takoma Park is another ghetto near DC. DC has a screwed up economy because there are a lot of people living in it but nothing but government buildings. You can't find a good restaraunt or club or anything outside of Georgetown. Virginia is a really gay state though, its a downgraded version of Maryland's east coast, only not southern, just messed up. All the fine girls are in the cities of MD though. West Virginia is basically just a big piece of earth with people on it. The main point is to be better than Virginia, which it is.
Maryland is obsessed with sports, but has no sports teams. Not north or south. Just Maryland. Not suburbs or cities, both.
by KRSplat May 01, 2004
Short for stupid, often used with stfu or shup
Stfu stup
by KRSplat August 06, 2003
In basket ball: get your man
Your guy is a shooter and he's wide open at the three point line. This is when you man up - play tight defense.
by KRSplat May 19, 2004
A sometimes cruel joke made about an individual or group of individuals. See jone. Slang from Gaithersburg, MD.
Whoa - I know YOU'RE not joning! I'm 'bout to HAND you a dub! That's why you can't even count unless you're at McDonalds sayin' "I want a number one, a number two, a number three, a number four...!" Your fatback ass! Whoa - I definitely just fried you!
#jone #joning #fry #tease #joke
by KRSplat November 07, 2006
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