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An act of putting your nuts in somebodys ass while you have sex with them. In homosexual intercourse it would be having your full penis and nuts inside the anal cavity.
Ex 1 - Mark was "stuffin" adam last night behind the muffler shop

Ex 2 - Glen was stuffin his women last night
by el.harp March 07, 2007
Meaning having sex without using a condom. Nar being a slang term for no, and rubber being a slang term for condom.
Ex. 1 - Matt was banging Jonny last night, Nar Rubber.

Ex. 2 - "I went banging last night with Nar Rubber"
by el.harp January 23, 2007
An Ice Cream Churner is when one has become so use to not working and rolling around on the couch smoking darts that the body has become like that of a "Ice Cream Churner". Rolling around and around, smoke coming from the mouth, as well as verbal banter. Ice Cream Churner's have been known to fall asleep in seconds and uncontrollable utter threats during extended periods of sleep.
Look at Hicey, he's been rolling around on that couch so long he's become an Ice Cream Churner.
by el.harp June 30, 2010

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