a pair of Australian stubby footy shorts which look virtually like male hotpants YUCK!!!
Slang for "stubby shorts"
Gotta change out of my stubbies, don't want to look like a yobbo.
Those blokes stubbies are so stubby his arse hangs out the bottom, he should be charged for indecent exposure!
by bread infection January 01, 2006
Top Definition
short australian shorts that define the typical aesthetic of the true blue aussie bloke.
also: bottles of beer.
" ya wanna goi with caans or stubbies mate?? "
" aww, les goi with tha stubbies mate. Hey....nice pair of stubbies ya got there.."
by herbiewa April 21, 2004
375ml Bottle of beer, usualyl bought in a case or carton or slab of 24.
Hey wanna go halves in a carton for this party
by The Werewolf November 24, 2004
short-shorts that were popular in new zealand. were made famous by the NZ L&P ads. have a tiny pocket for keys at the front!
"Oh man this is the life! Just maxin' at the BBQ in my stubbies!"

by xXxshawtyxXx November 26, 2006
a guy who is not well endowed
"uhh hey there stubby.. u want me to do wat??"
by lauren September 01, 2003
a short, fat, neckless beer bottle(355ml). was the standard until the seventies in Canada, when the american tallboys replaced them. currently in a renaissance with some Brick beers, Red Cap and the Jamican beer Red Stripe. (The Frech beer Boris may come in a neckless bottle, but they are too small to be true stubbies)
"If we're going on a roadtrip we should get a pack of stubbies, they take up less room"
American kid "What the fuck is wrong with you're beer bottle."
Canadian kid "Its a stubby, you Yankee twat"
by guthstar3000 December 28, 2005
someone with small(microscopic) manhood
Look at that guy. You can tell he's stubby.
by su June 30, 2004
Soon To Be Ex-Wife/Husband. Used to identify the person you are divorcing. From the acronym STBE (Soon To Be Ex).
My divorce was very amicable until my stubby hired a lawyer.
by B.R.I.A.N. January 09, 2008
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