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short-shorts that were popular in new zealand. were made famous by the NZ L&P ads. have a tiny pocket for keys at the front!
"Oh man this is the life! Just maxin' at the BBQ in my stubbies!"

by xXxshawtyxXx November 26, 2006
A soda drink made in New Zealand. Stands for lemon and paeroa. Famous for the NZ stubbies ad and it's slogan: "World famous in NZ since ageeees ago."
"Oh bro gimme some of dat L&P!"

"Just went down to the dairy to get me sum L&P."
by xXxshawtyxXx November 26, 2006
Expression used to show approval or gratitude
John: "Haha! I got 10% in my last Math Test!"
Mary: "Shot John! Hi 5!"

Billy: "Can you pass me the butter?"
Tess: "Sure, here you go."
Billy: "Shot."
by xXxshawtyxXx November 26, 2006
An adjective used to describe things like an action performed by someone or a person. Usually means embarrassing.
Used mainly in New Zealand or the Pacific Island culture.
This word is heard on a NZ drink and drive tv advertisement campaign.
Tane: "Ooooh dat shit is manus ma brutha!"

John: "Oh, ya manus."
Pete: "Nah, I ain't manus. You a manus."
by xXxshawtyxXx November 26, 2006
Can be used as an insult or another name of a new zealander, or farmer
"where is he from?"
"oh, he's a sheep-shagger."
by xXxshawtyxXx November 26, 2006

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