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A person who likes to run around naked.
Jimmy ran down the street naked, he loves to streak.
by KeL February 04, 2004
10 4
Usually found at Australian Rugby matches, cricket and the one time there was a snooker streaker!
by siort April 24, 2003
8 7
the friendly employee who cleans your windshield at the gas station
The "streaker" used a very poor technique and left lines all over my windows.
by Jacques February 06, 2004
13 14
A turd that leaves a streak of shit on the toilet after you flush it.
"Clean up needed in the ladies restroom, we have a streaker!"
by Los Cracky December 02, 2005
16 21
Someone who goes running(usually in the night because they are pussily afraid of being seen) naked.
Douche:Look at the streaker!!!
by Douchebag February 05, 2004
7 12
a dodgy "financial" adviser who cant even use a computer properly :0
that streaker - what a shady character - he thinks he knows everything
by BL January 09, 2004
2 12
A person with shit stains on their tighty-whiteys.
Sara is very clean person and she could never date a streaker
by MAatt April 08, 2004
6 30