Some nobody who runs in naked from out of nowhere.
-a streaker

"Oh yes they call him the streak!"
-that one song
by Dave September 23, 2004
A Solidated Paint Marker, usually different colors used for tagging.
I threw a sick fade with my streak.
by Avoke October 01, 2003
one who runs nude in a public area
The same man was a streaker at several soccer games in england this year, as well as the superbowl. People were blinded by his nudity, for he is not an attractive man
by not a streaker February 05, 2004
generally used to describe someone who runs across a sports field naked.
a streaker ran across the field
by tournamentmaster2000_au February 05, 2004
to be a streaker, to run naked in public.
did you see that streaker at the begining of the second half of the Super Bowl 38?
by Stan February 03, 2004
A person who runs nude in public, and will be rightly punished by Terry Tate.
The streaker at the soccer game was leveled by Terry Tate, then caught and handcuffed.

Wooo! You just did it so I had to hit it!
by Isi Oamen June 16, 2004
when one goes running through a public place with no coverings on your body
Were' going streaking throught the Quad!!
by Michael W. February 07, 2004
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