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The cuts, scrapes, bruises, bad tattoos, burns, and minor disfigurements one discovers the morning after a night of heavy drinking; remnants usually lasting 6-26 months and at the expense of whatever you were wearing. Everyone remembers how it got there except you.
"What is that on your face?"
"Oh, just a minor battle wound. Last night was pretty rough. It doesn't look infected right?"
#alcohol #cuts #clumsy #falls #drinking #scar #bruise
by Samantha Olivia July 14, 2008
when you get cuts, bruises, or any injury from doing something fun or dangerous.
dude, where'f you get those battle wounds?!
we jumped off rossis roof onto her trampoline!
#battle scars #war cuts #wounds of the war #lacerations #battle booboo
by juleseyyyy April 15, 2010
The cuts, scrapes or bruises aquired while moshing or during a wall of death at an awesome concert. Usually shown to friends as proof of how awesome the concert or pit was.
Max: Dude!!! Look at what happened to my leg at Warped Tour!!! Look how much its bleeding!!
John: Thats an awesome battle wound. I guess that wall of death was pretty brutal.

Max: Yea
#mosh #concert #metal #awesome #insane
by Creeping_Shadows July 19, 2009
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