Slang for a condom
Sean: yo bruh me and Kelsey are gonna head out back to the room. You still gotta pack of straps I'm all out.
Dan: Yea check the top of my dresser. Go in brah.
by jbeezy0356 September 01, 2013
A sex toy (genrally used by female sluts) to fuck a man's ass since they do not have a dick.
jeez I wish I had a dick so I could fuck that guys big Spanish ass but instead I'll just use a strap.
by bfeezymack June 22, 2011
To roll a joint or a cigarette.
I've got a big fat zoot, i made it all myself. Can you strap?
by smart-aarse.xo May 09, 2011
A slang word used in Dublin to describe a Junkie/Prostitude.
Shut chor mouth yeh f**king strap.
by Thefairygodmother July 06, 2009
A strap means a Gun no matter what anybodys says im 100% Right.
if you fuck with my familia i will blast you with my strap.
by Shubo October 17, 2006
What happens to my neighbours when they are more than 30 seconds late for dinner.
father: "thats it, you're getting the strap"

14 year old son: "no daddy not the strap!"
by JimmyBobJr June 02, 2005
Stockings and suspenders sussies as worn by fit women usually craving a slice. Garterbelt for our US friends.
I took Doris out last and she had that short black skirt on again - when she got in the car I could see up her skirt and she was wearing straps. I nearly shot my load before we even got to the bar.
by Richnirvana March 27, 2008

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