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Familia is a word used to describe someone who is a cockblock. A person who unintentionally or intentionally prevents a move or interaction between two people who are trying to advance their relationship or become more physically intimate.
"Yo! I was with this girl last night, and just as I was goign to kiss her, her friends came inbetween us both and started talking! She totally familiaed us!".
by adnamadnawehttam June 03, 2010
Mazda Familia. Probily one of the most commonly stolen cars in auckland, new zealand. Mazda Familia GTX, GT, XL, Interplay are the most common done up cars, and the GTX is the most stolen
If you own a gtx get a decent alarm, the best investment you can get
by Glens 86 gtx August 14, 2005
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