Retail employees term for non-purchasing customers that want all the information about a product then say "Ok I'll think about it"
"Man I've been with this Strap for three hours talking about that 13" B&W television"
by Product Specialst January 22, 2007
verb: to lash the buttocks as punishment.
she was so naughty, i had to strap her.
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
a slang term for dick/penis
Dude did you give her the strap last night??
by mangocuh September 20, 2008
very useful in very tight shit. used to smoke on people you love to hate.
When meeting people like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, always have a strap on your side.

A friendly reminder from the people who care about your sanity.
by Ian Lopez May 19, 2008
Air Force One sneakers. The mid height sneaker has a strap on it. Thats why they call them straps.
Yo can I get those all white straps in a eight and a half?
by Dan Dillow February 16, 2005
skilled; able to back up what you say;(word is usually used referring to fighting or sporting skills)
You wanna mess with me bitch? You better be strap!
by sandman001 February 26, 2007
what you need to get
can you undo my straps please.
by El Strap de Guatamala April 16, 2004

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