Stockings and suspenders sussies as worn by fit women usually craving a slice. Garterbelt for our US friends.
I took Doris out last and she had that short black skirt on again - when she got in the car I could see up her skirt and she was wearing straps. I nearly shot my load before we even got to the bar.
by Richnirvana March 27, 2008
a condom used when having sex.
aye brah my bitch is over and im finna get all in that twat but i need a strap
by The Van Boyz May 17, 2009
To undress in a Nordic fashion-- the stripping of real men.
Americans may strip, and Baltics may stip, but in Nordic Europe, we STRAP. *manry*
by Finrando January 03, 2010
Someone who reminds you of a strap-on dildo because they just suck at everything they do.
Smells like Onions is the biggest strap in the world.
by Jaggernaut February 26, 2010
Retail employees term for non-purchasing customers that want all the information about a product then say "Ok I'll think about it"
"Man I've been with this Strap for three hours talking about that 13" B&W television"
by Product Specialst January 22, 2007
A gun- normally a pistol
'In my hood, niggaz got love for me, but I go no where without ma strap'

50 Cent- In My Hood
by Eminem lover December 31, 2005
A urban word for heavy armed gun
I always walk with the Strap just in case i get into trouble
by BADMANEN3 October 16, 2005

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