To shout at one whom is patiently walking the streets

To yell at a Straggler
Dude did u just see that strag?

I just stragged the shit out of him.
by Johnscmidt June 26, 2011
a female showing too much of her goodies to everyone around her! a stupid person who knows nothing. a conceited ass & spoiled girl!
dat girl is such a strag
by iBCRx23 August 15, 2010
One who is not a hitchhiker
Jim- hey, you think that guys a strag?
Steve- he looks the part, he has no towel on him
by Grislenarl April 02, 2003
A male or female that is a ho,slut or bussa. Sumone who pretty much gets around.
Dang Kev,ya r a straight up STRAG!

Don't talk 2 him,grl he a STRAG!
by I Luv Ma Purple People Eater December 26, 2009
Melbourne-speak for struggling.
Ross can't get any action = He is strags for puss.

Tom got 2/84 in his maths exam = He is strags in maths.

Joe is a neville = He is strags in all ways conceivable.
by peekers April 15, 2008
a very bootleg girl, that likes to get around
Bret: dood tht girl was a strag

Jeremy: no shit, she went around the block like a very bootleg girl

Bret: was it stephanie or kristen?

Jeremy: i think it was both of them!
by b0wman01 May 13, 2009
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