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1 definition by ZEER

As defined by the Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy:

A person who is not a hitchhiker.
How to spot a strag:
- Strags own their own vehicles.
- Strags do not carry towels.
- Strags will likely have a copy of Encyclopædia Galactica.
- Strags will likely have things to "lend" you in case you "lose" something vital.
- And most importantly: under stress, strags WILL panic.

Hitchhiker 1: Here comes a strag, get the black thumb out.
Hitchhiker 2: Hey, can we get a ride?
Strag: Sure, I'm headed to Magrathea. Neat towel by the way.
Hitchhiker 2: I um..."lost" my kill-o-zap. Can I "borrow" yours?
Strag: Of course!
by ZEER August 04, 2010