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2 definitions by iBCRx23

you'll love talking to this girl.. youll never have a dull conversation with her, always sumthing new whether its sumthing completely random or sumthing meaningful. youll be having a conversation with this girl till god knows when. shell make you feel really special. shes very honest will always tell the truth no matter how much it hurts, this the type of person you wanna be friends with shes truly an amazing person and a perfect girlfriend. if you ever find a person like this especially a "katie" never let her go, hold her tight, keep her close to your heart, never let anyone else come in between. youll know when its a katie... if shes the last thing you think about when you sleep & the first thing you think about when you wake up.. then you love a katie or sumone like a katie & my friend dats also called love. once you find love you never wanna let go of it, so never let go of katie, an overall amazing girl.
yo ur girl is a katie!

ur katie is amazin (:
by iBCRx23 August 15, 2010
a female showing too much of her goodies to everyone around her! a stupid person who knows nothing. a conceited ass & spoiled girl!
dat girl is such a strag
by iBCRx23 August 15, 2010