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The newest internet meme viral craze; a bit like planking and owling, except you stand on one leg like a stork. You then take a picture and post it on facebook/twitter. The weirder the location, the better.
Yo dude take a photo of me storking on this police car!
by storker July 16, 2011
stroking ones penis to increase length and girth in an attempt to impress peers.
Conner quit storking your dick you tool.
by brantford winstonworth TGOPBB April 07, 2011
When one watches a couple do the deed.
A combination of 'stork' and 'stalking'
The chief stork is storking the couple and that way he knows when to deliver the babies.
by Lakeside Mansion April 13, 2009
Having sex purely for procreation
Poor sod, his girlfriend is only interested in storking.
by lylu May 25, 2015
When you go to the bathroom, jack off and put the cum in your mouth. You then go back out and eat your girl out. Thus impregnating her via mouth to pussy.
Tim: How did Becky get pregnant?
John: I was storking her.
by LooseId January 28, 2016
to conceive a child without the method known as 'fucking the clit'. as it is the alternative method to write a nice letter to the stork and hope he has a baby left in his prison full of pregnant ladys.
"oh darling would you fuck my clit so we could have a baby?
not tonight dear lets just do a tad of Storking, you call the stork and i will take out another morgage" - classy British couple
by Jedi Peacekeeper November 30, 2005
a sexual act in which a girl receives a very long penis (like the bill of a stork) into her vagina.
The girl is so obsessed with storking that she takes men with a short penis as her pet aversions.
by uttam maharjan November 28, 2011
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