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Stonk refers to the feeling of arousal, in general. It can be used in place of a general good feeling or amazement.

For example "Man this band gives me stonk".

It can also be used to replace other related terms such as "Hard-On".

For instance "Man, this chick gives me serious stonk-on"
It's almost the end of work, time for pre-freedom anticipation stonk!
by DreadEd209 January 24, 2011
World War II British slang for a massed artillery bombardment on an enemy position.
5th Battery'll be stonking Jerry in the morning!
by Anon. October 01, 2003
Used to address a messy person/situation
Oh what a stonk mess!
by Vee Vee November 06, 2009
A pair of testicles
It's enough to make a man go home and throw his stonks on the fire.
by Daddy Primetime December 30, 2009
A set of man fruits, love spudsbollocksgooliesknackers
he had a set of stonks like a fighters speed ball
by Rudis April 20, 2006
1) Power
2) Control

Can also be used as a verb - stonked
That guy is full of stonk
by River Dove February 19, 2004
A word that used to mean a Comic Relief dance and for some reason now means an erection.
Robert - "Check it out Mike has a stonk on!"
by Robert Graysmith August 22, 2007