1.(n) when something looks, smells, tastes, feels, etc. really bad. 2.(v) when you cant handle something.
"that meatloaf looked so stonk"
"i couldn't stonk it"
by Allison Manly January 10, 2007
What you do to a stank.
I stonked her stank all night long.
by stonkinator April 14, 2003
A very weird dance performed while wearing a red nose. Popularised during the 1991 Comic Relief event by the "hit" single Let's Stonk!
"Stick a red nose on your conk/ And let's stonk!"
by Will_A August 17, 2005
To secretly read a book that belongs to someone and then gloat about it.
I will utterly stonk you up.
by Beware, for I am a stonker! March 22, 2004

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