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Variation on "nigger", evoking stereotypical African tribal chanting, dancing etc. Although very offensive today, many people wouldn't have regarded it as such in the past when it could also just mean "idiot".
"Straight outta the banana tree,eh? Well, let me tell ya this, nignog, you go stealing white man's motorcars, you give white man stick. Right?" - Film: Scum, 1977

"Sort yourself out, you nignog."
by Will_A August 17, 2005
Tremendously versatile term for kissing someone with tongues who is not your girl/boyfriend - not yet anyway. Also functions as a metonymnic noun for this person.
"See that girl? I'm gonna pull her."

"Nice one, you pulled! Did you get her number?"

"Nah, she was just a random pull."
by Will_A August 18, 2005
Short for Tactical Vomit, the precautionary measure of making oneself puke mid-way through a night of heavy drinking to ensure that you don't pass out early. Very useful for light-weights.
Normally, I'd be shit-faced by now, but I did a quick tactical before we left.
by Will_A August 16, 2005
Punishment, opprobrium; usually undeserved.
"It's not fair - he acts like a knob and I get the stick for it."
by Will_A August 17, 2005
A very weird dance performed while wearing a red nose. Popularised during the 1991 Comic Relief event by the "hit" single Let's Stonk!
"Stick a red nose on your conk/ And let's stonk!"
by Will_A August 17, 2005
1. Go! A command which Inuits shout at their huskies.

2. British synonym for "mate" or "bruv", generally used by twats who are not your mate but want something off you.
"We've gotta get these supplies to Alaska by sundown, so c'mon - MOOSH! MOOSH!"

"Gotta fag, moosh? Cheers, moosh. See ya later, moosh."
by Will_A August 18, 2005

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