1) Power
2) Control

Can also be used as a verb - stonked
That guy is full of stonk
by River Dove February 19, 2004
Top Definition
World War II British slang for a massed artillery bombardment on an enemy position.
5th Battery'll be stonking Jerry in the morning!
by Anon. October 01, 2003
Used to address a messy person/situation
Oh what a stonk mess!
by Vee Vee November 06, 2009
A set of man fruits, love spudsbollocksgooliesknackers
he had a set of stonks like a fighters speed ball
by Rudis April 20, 2006
A pair of testicles
It's enough to make a man go home and throw his stonks on the fire.
by Daddy Primetime December 30, 2009
Stonk refers to the feeling of arousal, in general. It can be used in place of a general good feeling or amazement.

For example "Man this band gives me stonk".

It can also be used to replace other related terms such as "Hard-On".

For instance "Man, this chick gives me serious stonk-on"
It's almost the end of work, time for pre-freedom anticipation stonk!
by DreadEd209 January 24, 2011
A word that used to mean a Comic Relief dance and for some reason now means an erection.
Robert - "Check it out Mike has a stonk on!"
by Robert Graysmith August 22, 2007
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