The act of walking fast and aggressively with the aim to do something as fast and as well as you can without anyone or thing stopping you. Linked with power shopping.
"Come on guys, we're going to have to get our stomp on if we are to get this shopping done and then get to the pub to have a drink before we go back to work."
by Chris Cottee January 08, 2004
Slang term for a cigarette
"Hey man you wanna go hit a stomp"
#square #camel lights #cigarette #cancer stick #tobacco
by cottonscout February 04, 2006
to dance
cumin for a stomp?
by buzz May 27, 2004
cool, or to be fucked up.
Dude, that's so stomp..

That foo' is so fuckin stomped..
by tizzle March 15, 2004
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