Slang term for a cigarette
"Hey man you wanna go hit a stomp"
by cottonscout February 04, 2006
to dance
cumin for a stomp?
by buzz May 27, 2004
cool, or to be fucked up.
Dude, that's so stomp..

That foo' is so fuckin stomped..
by tizzle March 15, 2004
Can be used in any tense, is a verb and adjective. To stomp is to land any trick super clean in any action sport except scootering (landing any trick cleanly in scootering is known as 'gay') most commonly used in skateboarding when a bro does something dope

Bro 2: "yeah bro that one felt good"

Bro 1: "I'm about to stomp this kickflip"

*lands sketchy kickflip*
Bro 2: "nah bro I saw toe touch you aint stomp nothing"
by Kantskate14 October 18, 2014

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