1.stepping really hard one someone/something, like when the reffs not looking and someone ya don't like fell over ya stomp them, or yer beatin someone down and they fall and all your hommies come stomp on the fucker, anywho...

2. to blow out another team, by like a million points... kinda like stomping there hopes... also see pwned
1. yah man, Jesse got in a fight with J-Hal and J-Hal hit him in the face with a shovel and stomped on him

2. man, didja see the game last night? yah the clippers got stomped
by that-hard-mafacka June 29, 2005
verb..... to stomp is to cut up (or add fake shit to), cocaine. usually vitamin b12, creatine, or any other lookalike to make more for your sales.
DUDE i got BEAT! DaveyDeals sold me a gram of blow and he mustve stomped all over it cuz this shit is WHACK!
by buck January 24, 2004
To be really intoxicated; or under the influence of drugs.
Bryan: "Dude, I got so stomped at Evro's house yesterday!"

Anthony: "Fuck yeah dude, that bud had me sitting on my pussy for some hours!"
by heylookguysitsbryan July 07, 2011
when you jokingly stand on someone's feet
maxi: why did you just stand on my feet
bob: im playing stomp
by mjknowles July 06, 2011
To insert your foot into either a womans vagina or the asshole of a member of either sex. The person recieving the stomp can often be killed by the blows, making stomping a pleasurable but dangerous act.
I like to stomp young asian girls down by the riverside.
by StompKing420 December 06, 2010
To dance horribly in front of an easily-impressed crowd.
Friends don't let friends stomp.

Live above the yard.
by Cag February 15, 2007
fuck a bitch up.
i'll straight stomp on a bitch. i don't never care.
by saywhat June 14, 2004

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