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To be getting beat up to the point where you're on the ground getting hit and you are no longer able to defend yourself
"Did you see Matt and James fight? James got stomped!"
"If Tyler keeps talking shit, hes gonna get stomped"
by dankman420 January 08, 2012
Fucked up, smacked, trashed, etc.
Bob: Yo dude I'm so stomped right now
Frank: Haha I know you had like 20 beers already
by Sir Ian Gibbions III December 06, 2015
when a skateboarding trick it popped and caught mid air, then the persons feet push down stomping the board to the ground.
- "holy tits, did you just see that heelflip?"

- "yah, he stomped the shit out of it."
by G10V4NN1 July 17, 2008
to be proven wrong...stomping is usually done when someone else says somthing really dumb that was wrong and u prove them wrong about it.
davies: haha ester you fucked amanda hall

ester: Fuck you mark no i didn't

Davies: Ya u did...amanda told everyone...

Ester: fuck that shit

Max: Dude ester u told me earlier today that u fucked her.

by t-ran May 06, 2006
To be extremely stoned. So stoned that you can't think straight and nothing you say makes any sense. You feel like you can't get up, or be bothered to do anything. Not to be confused with being extremely high.
"Damn, I'm so stomped right now..."


by StompmasterPro9000 September 10, 2009
A usually extremely ugly person. Like ugly to the point that your face turns disgusted from looking at it.
" Damn yo. that is one stomped mutha*&$%@!"

Dave-" Would you tap that?"

Jayquan- " Hell naw. That girl is stomped like hell."
by The Chree March 19, 2007
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