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A phrase most commonly used in a situation that is appaling or unbelievable. Similar to holy shit.
Holy tits! That girl is a guy?!
by c0balt April 08, 2006
The breasts of a nun or other female member of the clergy. This expression is most commonly used when your buddy decides to drive like he is Dale Earnhardt himself.
Josh, "Hey, We should go left!"
-tires squeal as Josh yanks the car into a power slide-
Sarah, "Holy tits!"
by lSd3d April 05, 2006
A phrase that is more socially acceptable than "HOLY SHIT!" Most of the time... Occasionally...
(fast forward to 12/23/2012...maybe)

The Human race: "HOLY TITS!"

by admiralcrunchycrunch January 02, 2009
A portmanteau of 'holy shit' and plain old 'tits' that expresses great surprise or shock.
Holytits, that girl is hot!
by Tricksie August 31, 2010