A very hot girl, hence the stink from her lady regions.
Stinky dead ahead. Check out the ass on her.
by Marcus Bunny May 12, 2010
A word also to describe a nasty , embaressing, ugly situation. As in that person is doing something that makes them look like they stink.
1) Can that bitch pull her pants up any higher , fuck she looks stinky.

2) I walked into a restaurant the other day, i even sat down at the table and took off my Jacket, at that point I was told they were actually closed, fuck I must of looked Stinky. (haha)

3) I was at school all day, and when I got home I was checking myself out in the mirror and noticed I had built up gunk in my eye, How fuckin stinky.
by Chelsie & Jodi Kauenhofen January 15, 2009
Being hype about something, and looking stupid in the process. Going too far. Obnoxious.
"Have u ever played Candy Land."
"shit (waves hand infront of nose) he's stinky"
by CleverAnne December 25, 2009
The nickname for my lover, the man who drives a mini-van like only a real man can, and happens to be the greatest boyfriend ever.
I love you Stinky. :]
by The H.B. December 30, 2008
Slang for cannabis
Wow, that's a lot of stinky!

We shoulda made a stinky igloo!
by McNoolied September 22, 2003
pot, dope, marijuanna, weed, smoke, spook, reefer
lets blaze up a bowl of this, stinky
by PrIzM July 24, 2003
1) Dalton Cleghorn
2) Having a revolting smell
3) not smelling normal
Jesus dalton cleghorn was so stinky today i almost threw up.
by Guadelupe Chilupe April 26, 2009

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