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when you pee first thing in the morning and it is quite potent, and stinks pretty bad. a "stinky tinkle."
whoa, who left a stinkle in the toilet and didnt flush? it smells like vitamins!
by kurticus May 16, 2006
the act of accidentally farting while peeing
Dude I had to pee so bad that I pushed too hard and took a stinkle.
by Bolooki December 15, 2007
When you have a severe case of diarhea and it feels as if you are urinating poop out of your bung hole
Dude after the party, I had to stinkle soo bad
by Dr professor sexy man April 28, 2011
When you are taking a tinkle and you let one rip at the same time causing a fowl odor.
Yo dude I gotta go stinkle.
by JaCqEeZ November 16, 2007
The Stinky Wrinkle that pugs have under their little noses.
Had to clean Tucker's stinkle today, it was so grubby!
by foxyleemac February 06, 2011
(v) To waste time or procrastinate: most commonly by wearing pajamas and playing computer games or surfing the internet while eating; One who wastes time that way (n)
"Mom said I said I was a stinkle for not getting my homework done first thing after school. That I should quit stinkling around so much."
by Jacob Ingram February 17, 2008
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