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one of the best things to say as you are leaving a social event.
group: "see ya kurt!"

kurt: "peace out cub scout."
by kurticus June 12, 2007
quite possibly the most dangerous bear in existence. nearly 6 feet tall and over 250 lbs, it is surprisingly fast, obnoxiously loud, has an appetite that is insatiable, can drive a car (like a maniac), and has been known to eat bananas in less than 3 mississippi.
kurt: "omg, the kollarbear just inhaled that banana..."

chode: "potassium overdose!"

by kurticus May 14, 2007
When someone's sarcasm is so thick that they are the king of sarcasm. Save this for only the most sarcastic.
Chads sarcasm was so thick tonight that we nicknamed him SARCASTOR because he would dominate every conversation.
by kurticus April 28, 2007
the "evil villian" of negativity. you call someone this when they are being overly negative, bringing everyone else down.

also known as: crapping on someones parade.
me: hey guys want to go to play some cards tonight?

negative person: sure, so we can waste our money, and besides, i'll probably end up buying beer.

me: oh great, NEGA-TOR has arrived!
by kurticus May 18, 2006
when a person acts so obnoxious that if you were to measure their obnoxiousness it would be the size of a large dinosaur.
dude, don't invite eric over man, he's such an obnoxsaur!
by kurticus April 15, 2006
a vibraura is a vibration/aura that ninjas give out to attract the opposite sex. if exposed to the vibraura long enough, say 10 years or so, the opposite sex most likely will like the ninja somewhat.
regular human: "hey man, how did you score such a fine babe?"

ninja: "vibraura, bitch."
by kurticus May 14, 2007
When a situation is BEYOND ridiculous, it is re-dong-diculous.
(in halo2) Yo I no-scoped that dude from across the map, that was re-dong-diculous.
by kurticus November 23, 2006

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