Nickname for a kid who masturbates alot with his tongue sticking out.
Sticky, get out of my closet
by MayoSalPhil September 08, 2009
(Sti-key) Adjective. When something is so ideal it makes you wet in the pants.
"Yo, was anyone else sticky when that guy took his shirt off?"

"That scene in Brokeback Mountain was sticky!"
by boywonder769 May 20, 2009
Semen from an ejaculation; cum, spoo, fuck, jizz etc.
Mary screamed in ecstasy as George shot his sticky into her wet pussy.
by pentozali April 26, 2009
A typically displeasing person, place or event.
"Did you see that guy? He was really sticky!"

"Ew this bowling ally is sticky"

"Are you going to that party?"
"Ew no. It sounds sticky."
by Mike Ovaries August 04, 2007
a female that got a lotta bad karma and likes to rub it off onto people
"that bitch is sticky"
by Jasmine September 13, 2004
A hunch backed man who attempts to suck his own penis whilst stood up.
look at him being sticky
stop doing a sticky
by steven smithers September 24, 2007
sometimes used to describe a woman (man)after another man cums all over her/him...used to make friendly insults to slores
eww...alex got jill all sticky! he cummed all over her face and body. i was holding her hand the other day and it was gross...she told me everything
by Little Gords July 24, 2006

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