1. A girl or guy, mainly girl, that you can tell is dirty just by looking at him/her.

2. Seeing someone either in picture or person that one is able to tell that their skin would be sticky to the touch as if they have gone days without a shower or taken part in a mssive orgy. The skin appears to be sticky even after a shower.

3. A slut
Christina agulara looks like she would be sticky if you bumped into her on the street.
by Rex - Victor P. III August 07, 2006
DJ Clemons's, of Lansing, Michigan, word for cool, awsome, etc
That's sticky, yo!

Yo, that's sticky!
by DJ October 30, 2004
a person who is essentially, the most awesome person in the entire universe
"man you are the stickiest person ive ever met"
by sticky August 31, 2004
The way your hands feel after ejaculation occurs on you.
Wow my hands are sticky after I finished masturbating, I better wash them.
by Johnny Hassle October 03, 2006
A fat girl who thinks she is hot and sometimes even talks about other fat girls
"Check out that chick, What a Sticky.
by Anonymous April 20, 2003
gay term used to describe asians who are into asians. Derived from the slang term "rice queen"
White BOy: can i score a number?
asian boy: sorry, i'm sticky...
by royal_purple July 25, 2005
Someone that craves sexual encounters with the opposite sex. horney
damn girl, im getting sticky
by Jo Dean March 15, 2005

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