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Founder of JAA! or GAA! With a J or a G, either way it's still da shit. After you pick up on this overdub, you'll hear it all over the album, after like every word. It's the coolest little catch phrase.
Know whu I'm sizzlin!
by tee March 29, 2004
when 2 people are ready to fight
yo it look like they bout to square off
by Tee December 15, 2004
When u really mean somethin
Forreal forreal, I heard she got shot
by Tee December 15, 2004
Nickname for the 17th state ohio.
"Any one dissin OH10, im shittin on"!
by TEE April 21, 2005
exagerated or excited agreement with what somebody has just said
comin out for a biff?
by tee August 14, 2005
The "Eye" Of the Ass.
Oye, tu tienes mierda en el Ojo Culo
by tee October 17, 2003
A nick name for EL Paso, Texas. A small yet productive city in far west texas. The nickname came up one night while the twilight child was blessing ears
I will rep PA50 till the day i die!
by TEE April 21, 2005

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