Also a term known by Apple Macintosh users. Refers to Apple's CEO Steve jobs, canceling a project in the company .
The Newton division got "steved" right after Steve Jobs came back to the company. He has never been happy with the newton PDA division.
by BigmacX July 08, 2004
Top Definition
To have rough sex with someone, then after your done fucking
Them you procede to cockslap the person in the back of the head while shouting I am invincible please eat my pantaloones. Then afterwards you take the girl out to a nice relaxing dinner by the fire.
Gravy-Train- I steved your mom last night

Fragster-Thanx {sceptical and cynical} did ya know than to steve means to die for us? lsm
Neo- not anymore
Guy two- Dude wheres my girl
Guy one- I steved that bitch last night and left her on the corner
by Andre Summey December 11, 2006
A reference to the Garfunkel and Oates’s song “You, Me and Steve”. A Steve is someone who is a cock block or a third wheel that will not leave. To be “Steved” is when you do not hook up with someone exclusively due to the presence of a Steve. A Steve can be a clueless friend of either of the romantically or otherwise involved duo or just an annoying stranger. The situation can be remedied by one person informing the Steve that that they are Steveing.
Scarlett: Alice, you are totally Steveing me right now.

Fred: I was going to hook up with Sandrah last night but I got Steved hard core by Johnny. Fucking Johnny...
by You have been Steved February 09, 2010
Another word for PWND/OWND, BURNED, SERVED or any variations there of.

In reference to Steven Jobs and what they used to say when he would fire then out of anger back in 1997 when he rejoined apple.
"OW You kicked me in the nads!"
by Mao December 05, 2007
When a person or events conspire to create havok with your best laid plans. To ensure a dramatic failure with negative and often dire consequence.
Person 1: I was on my way to lunch yesterday when I got Steve'd!!

Person 2: Oh no, really?
Person 1: Yes way! I got a call on my phone, and not only did my lunch date cancel on me, but the prick made me turn around and come into a last minute meeting
by Steve Danaher April 20, 2010
When someone steals something from you. Alternative to the words robbed and jacked
I was sitting in the kitchen when my friend came and steved my phone.
by master-of-puppets969 October 01, 2009
"Steve'd" is the term for being very drunk. It originated from a famous man from Aberdeen when he got unbearably drunk to the point where movement was a struggle so the people of Aberdeen had to name it.

If you're "Steve'd" this can include lack of balance, puking a lot, slurring your words, on the floor unable to get up etc.
"I was so Steve'd last night I puked all over the neighbors dog"

"Lets get Steve'd tonight at the party!"

"He was Steve'd last night, he must have a hangover today"
by Urbandictatorforbes March 04, 2013
When your best friend is helping his elderly father with chores in the harsh prairie winter and he asks you to keep his lonely farm wife company until he returns and you go over and fuck her.
Your best friend then proceeds to kill himself within the next hours, by going outside and freezing to death when he finds you in bed with his wife.
"Where's Paul?"
"Dead. I totally Steve'd his wife last week."
by Jordie LaForge March 02, 2008
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