A popular on-line magazine showing pictures of underage girls in nude and non nude pictures.
My sister has been posing nude for lsm and I hate her for it.
by Vanessa orng February 28, 2007
Lamestream media
Bernie Goldberg calls the MSM "the lamestream media," so, for the sake of concision, I call them the LSM.
by fine tea February 09, 2010
A position in lacrosse called Long Stick Midfielder; a midfielder who primarily plays defense with a long stick.
That lsm just stripped that mid so bad
by danm March 29, 2005
lsm; Lauging so much. another term for the gayy 'lol'but much better.
'OMG i'm lsm' laughing so much
by CCYumYum April 17, 2008

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