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horny, randy, desiring sex, in heat. Usually refers to a male.
I stay stemmy all the time!
by bisxual yankee geek June 22, 2003
14 7
Someone with a long neck and a big head.
Look Robby, Salvadore is a big stemmy. He belongs in the Stemmy Corner.
by Choital September 02, 2008
7 3
psilocybin mushrooms.
Yo Brah, these are some dank stemmies! I haven't tripped this hard since Buffalo Steve hooked me at Further Fest in like '97.
by Wook1717 September 20, 2009
0 0
A shortened definition for stem cells
The scientists were studying the stemmy and found out they could help cure cancer.
by crazystemmiebabe December 04, 2006
4 9