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Someone whose intellectual capacity is limited to brain stem functions. Usually results in very short-sighted and selfish decisions.
"I feel bad for Bob, his life is one problem after another"

"Face it, he is a stemmie. He could not make a good decision to save his life."
by jfburke619 May 02, 2012
Overly fancy Mexican fusion cuisine. Often found in high end neighborhoods of big cities
Him - How about Mexican tonight?
Her - We could eat at La Perla...
Him - Fuck that, no self respecting caballero would eat a lobster and prime rib burrito - that shit is faux mex.
Her - Then we should head to La Cantina for a bucket of Pacifico and beef and bean burritos.
Him - Nice call.
by jfburke619 October 12, 2012
The shopping mall where the ardent consumers go to worship their god... material goods.
Bob - you watching the game today?
Bill - no can do, the missus is going shopping so I will be living in exile at the temple of consumption.
Bob - sorry to hear it... we will have fun without you.
by jfburke619 December 15, 2013
When relatively minor offense or injury causes an enormous amount of protest and commotion.

A male counterpart for drama queen. Something that a crybaby or fake may engage in.
Helen - Do we need to call 911? Joe sounds really hurt.
John - Don't worry, it is only a paper cut.
Helen - Got it. He is always good for a little soccer drama.
by jfburke619 October 22, 2015

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