Used to describe something amazing, or awesome

A Smashing Pumpkins Song
Dude, that guitar solo was stellar!
by Rookie79 August 11, 2009
So wonderful you can't describe it in words.

Something so great you can't even understand it.

Beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, beyond belief!
He is so stellar!

I love that band, theyre stellar!
by xneonicolorsx June 09, 2009
a word in place of "great" or "good"
Mariah Carey gave stellar tribute to Whitney Houston at 'BET Awards 2012
by friendernie February 09, 2014
Practically perfect, out of this world
Fifi gave a stellar performance on stage last night, nailing every jump, turn and bark.
by johnsonra May 23, 2007
To be totally awesome and amazing and cool and special and super

Being brought back by Ms. Emily of Brown College fame @ UVA
OMG those cookies are so stellar they could even be called keen
by Matt November 14, 2004
An excellent song by an excellent band
"stellar" by Incubus
by Jason July 13, 2003
To infinity and beyond awesomeness
Dude, I'm soo stellar
by micmacxoxo_love March 09, 2010

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