adj. the description of a person or action as being beyond an average expectations, which will most likely bring forth a optimistic joy.
bro- "oh dude, i just ordered a ten set off new ray bans off the web-o "
dude- "bro! thats so freakin' stellar!"
by gonzonator October 16, 2010
-Relating to the stars
-Cool, outstanding
-Out of this world
BoyA-I just had my first kiss the other day.

BoyB-Dude, how was it?

BoyA-It was stellar, man!
by Neverno March 02, 2009
1. Of or relating to perfection or excellence.

2. Successful, victorious.

3. God-like (with rancid breath)
1. Van really copped it. He should know not to mess with stellar.

2. Bulls-eye...That was one stellar shot!
by Livsta June 25, 2007
Used to define something as cool, hip, hot, rockin'. This word soon looses it's coolness after the jap girls start using it. Then you know it's dead.
1)OMG, that shit is so stellar.
2)HOLY FUCK, that ceaser salad was fucking stellar
3)DAMN, Melissa's one stellar chick.
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