Something hippee and surfers say when they are high.
Duuuuude, these colors are stellar..... Mom?
by Alexei March 20, 2003
To fuck one over; screw

Derivitive of the ship, the M/V Stellar Sea, which treats its crew like shit and doesn't pay worth a fuck.
I just got stellared hardcore by Whinihan.
by Unknown Processor April 12, 2004
When you've just had a good few tokes on a bifter and you get to that high point when you're fucking stoned and start seeing stars!!!
"Dude, what grade is that weed, I'm stellar"
by heRetic369 June 02, 2005
When something is hella sweet at the moment, Like when my best friend And I kissed for the 1st time
My galatic green Ibanez Iceman is fucking stellar!
by Elpepe July 01, 2004
A term used to describe an outcome that is less than appealing but obviously unchangeable.
"The toilet is plugged again in the women's bathroom and someone stole the plunger. You are going to have to unplug the shitter manually, mmmkay?"

Response- "Fucking Stellar."
by Karl Gustaf October 26, 2009
A very annoying and bland word that unimaginative people use to describe the (usually shitty) things they like in an attempt to sound fancy.
Maroon 5 was stellar last night at the Suckwad Convention Center.

Nick Cage turned in a stellar performance in National Treasures.
by Stop sucking and get awesome. November 10, 2005
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