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The act of drinking so much your completely InSaNe. You could run round town naked and not even remember it when you eventually regain conciousness the next day. A good night out.
"Hahahaah look at critter hes wankered!"
by Mooresy March 03, 2005
To be drunk beyond the point of even drunken rationality, one actually believes that inducing more alcohol will make them feel better
I got totally wankered last night and threw up over my brown brogues
by Crispin Whattley August 13, 2005
I drank two pints of vodka last night, I was absolutely wankered.
by Mike Farnworth May 05, 2003
drunk, pissed, blathered, sloshed, laagered up
oggs wankered throwing up all over the chunder poste
by Gavin \'n\' ogg March 31, 2003
to be so completely inebriated so as to lose all cognitive function
This guy was so wankered in the pub, that he pissed himself
by da22er April 20, 2009
When you get far too drunk or take too many drugs you may be described as being wankered.
I was out last night with my friends and I got completely wankered.

You should have seen my friend last night he was wankered.

"How's your night going"

"I'm wankered mate"
by ChemicalKicks March 09, 2008
Someone who has had too much to drink and is now lieing in a pile on the floor.
"God, look at him. Shit, hes wankered"

"I got completely wankered last night"
by Linzi January 16, 2005
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