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The art of getting a nice steam massage (preferably in Southeast Asia), then allowing the woman performing the massage to "massage" a certain part of the male anatomy until the cream comes. Can be done male to male, but that's just wrong. A woman massaging the woman is OK, it's just a different kind of cream. That is more related to a clam bake.
Fred: Boy, was that a great trip to Vietnam.

Bill: How so?

Fred: Over there, you can get a steam and cream for only $1. That costs less than a happy meal.

Bill: Sign me up...!
by V J January 04, 2006
n. A naval term for an Oriental steambath in the red light district.
Hey Smitty, let's go get snot-slinging drunk, puke some osoba noodles through our nose, hit the steamandcream, then do it again.
by Harry Flashman June 27, 2003
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