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UK slang for mobile phone. First used in TV programme "3 non-blondes".
Give me a ring on me mobi.
by JulesE July 31, 2006
An ancient form of the kamasutra which is performed by Cluffy and Stephen on each other. It involves, a cholent and Cholentation.
look uo cholent for details.
by Prince Harry February 04, 2005
1. An alternative spelling for Moby Dick, the famous whale.
2. An incorrect spelling of the name Moby, an American DJ, singer-songwriter and musician.
3. One of the nicest, funniest guys that you could ever encounter. Also a great dancer.
1. "Did you ever see that cartoon, mobi dick?"

2. "I'm jammin to mobi right now!"

3. A: "Hey do you know mobi?"
B: "Yeah!! that guy who's same same but different? He's so cool!"
by bukna December 15, 2008
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