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(adj) The cool, laid back guy in a group of male friends. Usually bald and/or losing hair. In some instances, he may sport a wave. He may be from any race or ethnic background.

A butterz kind of guy is respected for his music and liquor preferences. They are extremely passionate about professional sports franchises as well "beer games" (noting to excel in beer pong).

Some "butterzes" may be inclined to enjoy the "earth smoke".
Dude #1: "Hey, did you hear what that butterz just said about the new Belvedere Vodka?!"

Dude #2: "Yeah, it was shit."

Dude #1: "He knows his stuff!"

Dude #2: "We should hangout with him more. I have a feeling he'd make a perfect butterz for our crew!"
by derPhilth January 15, 2010
''Butterz'' is a london youth slang word used for ugly girls.
Jamie: Oi Tezz, you gonna get Tenisha's number?
Tezz: Fuck dat man, dat gyal is ''butterz''
by Mase92 September 20, 2016
Ugly, unnatractive , not good looking
Opposite of peng.

Just generally EW!
*person 1*: that person is well butterz
*person 2*: I know man wtf??
by anonymous12( November 28, 2013
a dancing sausage often misinterperated for a turd
butterzs is a dancing sausage on the kids show kinder essen
by david arstridge April 08, 2007
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