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To be proven wrong, shown up, faced
You looked for "Freaks of the Industry" under M.C. Hammer? Idiot, that's by Digital Underground. You are so molded!
by Pickle April 12, 2005
a realy funny word
pickel weasel
by pickle December 11, 2003
Wogwon is the word that is often used by townies as a greeting
Wogwon bled wot hapenin'
by Pickle November 25, 2003
The froth on top of a latte.
Can I have a cappucino with extra steam cream, please?
by pickle November 08, 2004
A racist term for a Chinese person (see chink).
That cheung is a yellowie.
by Pickle December 19, 2004
A big squad of cum. See Brian Glass
Hello my little itty bitty cumsquad
by Pickle February 28, 2005
A person who changes their car from the standard, factory condition they bought it, to something different. There are many examples of modders; Nova boys (see nova boys) drive shitter sheds with 30hp, 90% rust and cost less than a bag of chips. Rude boys, with their 1.2 corsa, clio, saxo, 106, fiesta, escort etc, that has double the amount the car is worth, spent on it in the form of bodykits, blinging alloys and sound systems. A real modder, someone who drives a sports performance car, such as a nissan skyline, and has tuned it up from 350hp to 990hp. Credit goes to them
Craig is such a hardcore modder!
by Pickle March 08, 2005

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