A lunchtime game made famous by the show Scrubs. The first person to finish his steak is the winner of steak. Dr. Christopher Turk, surgical resident, is the reigning champion.
J.D. (after losing at steak and stuffing an Otis Spunkmeyer in his mouth): "I win at cookie."
by Joe shizzle January 16, 2005
A steak is a hot guy. there are three levels of steak, veal, steak, and brisket. A veal is a hot younger boy, a steak is a hot marinated young man, and a brisket is a handsome older man.
when you see a strikingly gorgeous guy, you tell your friend "look at that steak!"
by effie June 20, 2004
A code/slang term for marijuana/weed founded in Auckland New Zealand.
"Keen for some steak?"

"Im hanging for a steak, keen for a bbq?"

"Got any steak?"
by I want that one November 09, 2009
I couldn't bring enough steak in this month to keep my wife happy
by gibbowr August 12, 2008
Money, Cash, Green, Bread, Bank
Yo man where my steak at?
by Michael J. Gregory February 07, 2007
1. A fine dude that got everything a lady want
2. A guy that got it so good a girl just wants to take a bite
I met me a steak today. Had ta get at that.
by Lee.Lee February 04, 2006
a code word for porn
man i just downloaded some awesoem steak!!!
by ashley rose June 11, 2005
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