a code word for porn
man i just downloaded some awesoem steak!!!
by ashley rose June 11, 2005
A total fat ass - basically a big ol' slab of meat
Yo I saw Tiny down at the 7-11 - that muthafucka is a serious steak.
by J-Dubs January 27, 2005
a cut of meat from a farm animal; when in all caps, a woman's vagina.
Hot waitress: Hey, would you like some steak?
Male: Shit, bitch, gimme some STEAK!
by Rzeno May 25, 2003
A stick figure who wears a backwards black hat, a gold chain, has no arms but has floating hands, and his right eye is red. Is easily t3h 1337 person, but is overall fail IRL.
Person #1: "So, who has FALCON PAWCHED Steak lately?"

Person#2: "Steak? Oh ew GROSS, I HATE that guy, LULZ."

Person#3: "LOLDONGS"
by Steak4Prez September 13, 2008
French word used to name a ciggarette that has already been smoked a little and then put out. However the remaining cigarette has been kept to relight at a later stage.

What we have left over is a steak. Which generally has a really strong smell of ciggarette airating from it.
Helen: >>j'ai un steak<<
by madiii December 07, 2007
(n) one who is 'the man'; the coolest of the cool; of the chain/hizzle/hook/edge of sanity; one crazy dude who likes the guitar, sports, and is the most cool and hott person you know
Mmmm. . . STEAK over there looks FINE!
by The Steak March 24, 2004
Athletic buttocks which cause admirers to drool like dogs looking at steak.
I'd love to pound that steak.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006

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