When something is just so good it's just fucking steak.

The opposite of pork.
That song is steak as fuck bro!

This club is stanky steak steak steak rite nah!

Yo that bitch was all steaked the fuck out.

I'm so steaked for the concert!

Oh my gnasty gnasty gnar-gnar super stanky steak steak, I cannot believe how steak this is!
by ain'tporki'msteak June 20, 2011
Engaging in brutal sexual intercourse with your partner.
''I am having steak tonight''
by Chinese Snorkel July 16, 2015
Not a Verb

"Steak's not a verb!"
by This Chick in some room October 01, 2011
the act of destroying another team. the opposing team must have less than 60% of your team's score and the winning team's score must be at least 50.

when a team "steaks" another team it is known as a "steaktacular.
i have a huge basketball game tomorrow. if my team can steak them my dad will pay me 20 dollars.
by ElGuapo69! August 11, 2011
to out perform anyone or a team by 40 percent in a competitive video game usually in a team-death match game type.
Dude did you hear Bungie will give you an awesome prize if you steak them?
by devinreal July 07, 2011
A Person who is so skinny , you feel liek locking them in your basement and feeding them steaks so they gain weight
Yo that girl is so skinny shes steaks
by Anthonyj May 15, 2006
To steal.
I think i'll steak that iPhone from that old vulnerable man.
by 3milyH July 31, 2011

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