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refering to an extremely charming n intelligent brunette
gabi is toooooo sexei
by gabi January 15, 2005
the best bassist ever and sexy as hell.
tobin esperance from papa roach
by gabi January 26, 2005
a guy/girl who has just recently started having sex
she was dancin like a freak but I heard she was a nookie rookie
by gabi January 06, 2005
phenomenon of boys that all look and dress the same, and seem to have no concept of creativity or originality. This can also apply to girls. Maybe it's a British thing, I've noticed it a lot in London and at my university
I just got lost in a swarm of Xerox boys
by gabi October 07, 2005
std: an acronym for the band Saves the Day, not to be confused with STD, a sexually transmitted disease. Capitalization is key in this situation.
Did you go to that awesome std concert? I heard Chris Conley sang his heart out!
by Gabi January 14, 2004
strange kids show on the BBC. my housemate informed me that they usd to let tourists go there but they don't anymore. Is PC Pld gay?
this is an impression of how ms hulie says the bus driver's name

eeeeedie macreeeedie
by gabi March 21, 2005
the female version of titties and beer.
fxxxxxxxxxcktards. <^> <^>
by gabi September 07, 2004
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